Welcome to our daily musical medication during this time of the Coronavirus.  We invite you to take a few moments each day to slow down, listen, mediate and pray.

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Friday, April 4, 2020

Today, in Meredith’s Musical Meditation, she reminds us that hope never disappoints. We are going through a very difficult period right now. Our ancestors in the faith faced many challenges before us, and they kept faith and hope alive. They trusted in God to see them through and we must do the same. Even in this time we can let the witness of the saints throughout history inspire us to cling to hope and even find joy and patience as we face this pandemic. Let us chose life even in the face of disease!


Song: Hope. Paul Tate.
www.giamusic.com, G-9096
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527

Friday, April 3, 2020

Sometimes it is difficult to not be afraid. We can be afraid for our health, or our economic well being, or the health and wellbeing of those we love. Right now so much is outside of our control that it is natural that we are afraid. And that is OK. The Lord comes to alleviate our fear and he calls us to trust him. He is the way, the truth and the life and he will be with us through this pandemic and will see us beyond it.


Song: And Jesus Said. Tony Alonso.
www.giamusic.com, G-7075
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527

Jesus said from Church of St. Francis of Assisi on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 2, 2020

What kind of shepherding do we need during this time of pandemic? Like the psalmist sang long ago, today we long for God to lead us through this valley of darkness, disease and uncertainly to the green pastures of health and being reunited with those we love. The Shepherd will lead us as he always does.


Song: Shepherd Me, O God. Marty Haugen.
www.giamusic.com, G-5402
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

We are a people of the resurrection and Holy Week and Easter are quickly approaching. The Lord’s passion teaches us that no matter how heavy the cross is, God will help us carry it and, with Christ, we will rise again. As we prepare to enter Holy Week let us meditate on the Lords passion and resurrection and remember that God never abandons us.


Song: We Will Rise Again. David Haas.
www.giamusic.com, G-3454
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527


Tuesday, March 31, 2020

In a time of social distancing we can hunger for the touch of our loved ones. But God is never distant from us. God stands by us to lift us up. And God calls us to stand by one another in our isolation: at stand up for our medical professions, the sick, the unemployed, the lonely. Even from afar we can stand up for one another.


Song: Stand By Me. Tom Kendzia
www.ocp.org, 91793
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-70052

stand by me from Church of St. Francis of Assisi on Vimeo.

Monday, March 30, 2020

The first days of social distancing and quarentine were new and different. They were probably a little easier. But by now many of us are feeling the strain of missing our family and friends. We miss hugs and handshakes and human contact in person. A lot of people are sad or depressed. But the Lord tells us to not be afraid. He is with us and he will see us through this.


Song: Be Not Afraid. Bob Dufford,SJ
www.ocp.org, 9527
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527

Saturday, March 28, 2020

The fourth week of Lent we reflect on the blind man who was given sight. He waited a long time for the light and for that transformation. We are experiencing something very unfamiliar right now. Our immediate future is hidden from our sight because events are so outside of our control. God will transform us and we may see things in surprisingly new ways. Let us pray for patience to be open to where God will lead us through this difficult time.


Song: God, Our Source and Life, Unite Us. Trevor Thomson.
www.ocp.org, 30136226
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527

Friday, March 27, 2020

Meredith’s musical meditation today is called, “In Beauty We Walk.” It is adapted from a Navajo Prayer. Life is a journey. As Christians we walk this journey with Jesus and with one another. None of us expected a pandemic to be part of our journey, but here we are. But this does not change that we walk it with Christ and that we walk it with beauty, with kindness and with peace.

Song: In Beauty We Walk. Ian Callanan.
www.giamusic.com, G-8230
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527


Thursday, March 26, 2020

The first words Meredith sings are: “The Lord is my light and my salvation, whom should I fear?” This is the foundation of our strength as believers. God is our salvation. This virus and the its impact has made us face the reality that we are not in charge of everything. For most of us it is frightening to think about how much is outside of our control. Many of us are facing this reality right now, but it is always true… God is in control and we belong to him. Let us take this time to contemplate that we are all in the hands of the Lord who loves us and is watching over us all.

Song: Belong. Chris DeSilva.
www.giamusic.com, G-7576
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527


Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Today’s musical meditation needs no introduction.  Catholics around the world find immense inspiration in this beautiful rendition of the Hail Mary.  We invite you to relax, enjoy and honor our greatest saint! 

Ave Maria!


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Where is God in a pandemic?  Where is God when we are suffering?  Where is God when tragedy hits?  In today’s musical mediation Meredith sings the ancient faith of the church:  God is near.  God knows when we sit and when we stand.  We are never abandoned.  God will see us through this pandemic.  Let us trust him, patiently doing what me must and helping those we can


Song: You are Near, Dan Schutte.
www.ocp.org, 9503
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527

Monday, March 23, 2020

Today’s musical meditation, “On Eagle’s Wings” is based on Psalm 91 and contains a beautiful image of God: God is like a powerful mother bird, sheltering her young under her wings. We can rely on God to be with us, protecting us with love, throughout our lives. Even in this face of this pandemic, we can rely that God will see us through this safely. We must trust and confront our fear with faith.

Song: On Eagle’s Wings, Fr. Jan Michael Joncas. www.ocp.org, 97843
Streamed under Onelicense.net A-700527


Saturday, March 21, 2020
In today’s musical reflection Meredith sings for us “Give Me Jesus.”  This song echos the longing in our hearts on the eve of another Sunday when we will not have access to the Lord in the Eucharist.   As we ponder our longing, let us take this time to reflect on how blessed we are to have the sacraments and the community of the Church, which we must do without for now, for our good and the good of our neighbors.

Friday, March 20, 2020
For today’s musical medication we bring you a timely and beloved piece of our Franciscan tradition:  the Peace Prayer.  We need peace in our hearts todayto face what we must face: to slow down, to support those who are sick and those who care them and for those suffering financially from the impact of this virus.  If we are   sick, may the Lord bring us his healing and peace, if we are well, may we be channels of His peace.