Monday to Friday, October 15-19, at 6:00 PM
in San Damiano Hall

Monday, October 15

Statue (4 minutes/Animation)
Do You Know What I Mean? (2 min./Animation)
Estrillita (Little Star) (8 min./Animation)
Making an Immigrant (2 min./Animation)2nd Life (7 min./Drama)
Hermanos/Siblings (80 min./Documentary)


Tuesday, October 16

La Nostra Storia (4 min./Animation)
Room 140 (12 min./Documentary)
What the Hell is Going On? (6 min./Documentary)
The Language of Ball (9 min./Drama)
East of Salinas (72 min./Documentary)


Wednesday, October 17

Statue (4 min./Animation)
In Search of the American Dream (143 min./Drama)


Thursday, October 18

Statue (4 min./Animation)
My Brother (2 min./Animation)
Scent of Geranium (4 min./Animation)
Scirocco: A Case Against Deportations (5 min./Animation)
Trauma at the Border (4 min./Documentary)
The Fare (25 min./Drama)
Immigrant Prisons (14 min./Documentary)
America, I Too (20 min./Drama)

Friday, October 19

Statue (4 min./Animation)
Seeking Refuge: Julianne’s Story (5 min./Animation)
What will People Say? (106 min./Drama)

Suggested donation to attend:  $25.00 for all 5 nights.  We invite all students with valid student ID to attend for free.

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