Community is a vital part of what it means to be Church. Jesus calls us to be his sisters and brothers and in Him we constitute a new family.  Members of our St. Francis of Assisi family came together to celebrate our annual Friendsgiving on Sunday, November 12th.  It was a traditional pot luck dinner where people brought side dishes or desserts to share.  For those who don’t like to cook or didn’t have the time, contributions could be made toward the hams and turkeys, stuffing and mashed potatoes that the church provided.  We had over 60 people in attendance sharing good times and good food together.

Each year our Friendsgiving grows and we look forward to more members joining us next year.

Thank you to the Converge@St. Francis Ministry team members for their hard work in hosting this event!

Here is a little look back at the day:

Photos generously donated by Mischa Limited: @mischa_crewpublic