Giving of your time and talent…..

As Director of Volunteer Ministry at the Church of St. Francis of Assisi Church, I meet many people from all walks of life. Many people are seeking to make a meaningful difference by offering their time and talent. Sometimes people area not sure if they can make a difference , but still want to be useful in any aspect of our church ministerial life. Our volunteers are invited to participate and work alongside paid staff in the delivery of services that further the organizational mission statement. We offer the opportunity to use your talents and organizational skills to help in any way possible. The notion of ‘stuffing envelopes’ and ‘folding and collating’ mailings have gone by the wayside to modern technology. Engaging and offering meaningful ideas and programming have come to the forefront. Commitment and a sense of importance to volunteer ministry is crucial and makes for a sound volunteer program which is what we strive for at St. Francis.

I believe volunteers, if invited to do so, can accomplish much and be recognized as a larger human resource asset.

Edward Trochimczuk
Pastoral Associate / Director of Volunteer Ministry