Dear Members of the St. Francis Community,

In the heart of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi, I have found a place of worship, a second home, a sanctuary of grace, laughter, and fellowship. Through joyous and challenging times, this sacred space remains invaluable to me.

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with pastors, witnessing their unique contributions. Some have passed, while others have gracefully retired, each contributing to the church’s growth with their vision that has impacted

countless lives. Some friars have touched my life, and I hold fond memories of them because of their amiability, support, kindness, and humor.

I work in the Development Office. In this office, we safeguard vital data that underpins the church and its benefactors. More than a repository of information, this role serves as a bridge connecting us to many good people. As a compassionate listener, I’ve heard heartfelt stories from those who sometimes feel grateful for a simple conversation and an empathic ear.

I find fulfillment in the meticulous care with which I execute my work and the intricate dance of human connection. This dance weaves threads of support and understanding, making our community a tapestry of shared stories and faith.

Yours in fellowship,

-Rebeca Peraza