Our annual All Souls Day Mass of Remembrance will be celebrated on: Monday, November 2nd at 7:00 PM in the Upper Church This celebration will be celebrated in Church and on Livestream

This annual liturgy is an opportunity to remember our loved ones whom we have lost, especially in this time of the Covid pandemic when so many have lost loved ones without the chance to say goodbye or have a proper liturgical celebration.

We also know that many people in our community come to New York from other places in the country and around the world, and at times our members and visitors cannot travel home for the funeral of a loved one who has died.

We hope this liturgy allows people to pray together with members of the Church and remember those lost at a Mass dedicated to commemorated our faithful departed. REGISTRATION REQUIRED:  In order to insure everyone’s safety, we are limited to welcoming a maximum of 100 people to this event. Everyone must register here to attend this liturgy. Please wear your mask and maintain social distancing.  Click HERE to reserve your seat. We invite everyone to bring a photo of your loved one which will be placed in the sanctuary during the Mass, or if you will be watching from home you may email a photo to jnuzzi@stfrancisnyc.org.  Your photo will be printed and placed in the sanctuary during the Mass.

Please join us for this special annual celebration.