The Christmas flowers and wreaths which adorn our church at Christmas are offered to honor the birth of Christ and to glorify God. Thank you to everyone who donated toward our Christmas decorations.

In Memory of:

Carlina Apolinaris Acevedo
Francisco Castro Astacio
Dennis and Kathy Borecki
Brown Family
Robert Carter
Bertha and Charles Degnan
Deceased members of the Diaz family
Thomas and Theresa Dolan
Mary Dunleavy
James Dunleavy
Michael Dunleavy, Sr.
Anna Dunleavy
Dunleavy Family
Caroline M. Fagan
Deceased members of the Fisco Family
Deceased members of the Foley Byrne and Quirke Walsh Families & Poor Souls of all times
Thomas Aquinas Gilbride
Joan Dorothy Gilbride
Ruth Anne Gilbride
Peter and Ferdynand Hanusek
Edward and Cecila Harlan
Liz Healy
Billy Heuser
Jane R. and Charles Janiak
Lizurej and Kolej Family
Ania Lozowska
Padre Santiago Mallen, CSSR
May Kathleen Mark
Richard Mark
Helen McKeon
Joan Melone
Lafcadio Molina
Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Jr.
Bill and Morgan
Giti Neuman
George Lee Rexing
Victoria, Owen and Donovan Robertson
George Soresco
Paul Starzey
Anne Taylor
Kenneth Taylor
Suzanne Veljovic
Dorothy Wendt
Charles Wildes, Sr.
Jennie Wildes

And for the Special Intentions of:

Providencia Castro Apolinaris Gilbride
Michael Thomas Gilbride

The Bread and Wine for the Christmas Masses was donated in memory of:

Robert Carter