The Christmas flowers and wreaths which adorn our church at Christmas
are offered to honor the birth of Christ and to glorify God.

Thank you to everyone who donated toward our Christmas flowers.
The flowers, wreathes and trees are offered in memory of the following:

In memory of:

Carlina Apolinaris Acebedo

Bessie Anderson

Francisco Castro Astacio

Bernadette Jean Augustin

Jerome Abellard Augustin

Monika Bauwerker Klier

Annelore Bauwerker Mitchell

Madeline & George Bory

Jonathan Boyer

Margaret & Thomas Canning

James & Dinah Cassell

Germaine Cassell

Cassell Family

Mary & Michael Cosie

Uchenna Chukwajekwy

John Davis

Armande Debrecourt

Josephine Deocampo

Mary & James Dunleavy

Anna & Michael Dunleavy, Sr.

Members of the Dunleavy & Brown Families

Thomas & Theresa Dolan

Members of the Fernan Family

Cecilia Astorga Ferraro

Andrea Figueroa

Christy Findlay

Members of the Foley, Byrne, & Quirk Welsh Families

E. Friend

Shirley Gallina

Peter Gallagher, Jr.

Margaret & Joseph Gallagher

Luisa Lorna Z. Gatchalian

Candida & Rose Gerchow

Thomas Aquinas Gilbride

Joan Dorothy Gilbride

Clara Giovanniello

Members of the Gotaco Lee family

J. Lloyd Grant

Rachael Greenwood

Mary V. Grimes

Fr. Mike Guglielmelli

Dora Guglielmelli

Piotr Hanusek

Mr. & Mrs. Greg Heger

R. Isaacs

Jane R. & Charles Janiak

Austin Janowski

Rosaire Jean

Mary King

M. Knowles

M. Kuerzi

Sr. Jo Laurienzo, S.N.D.

Lydia & Charles Lawrence

Members of the Le, Kane & McCarthy Families

Members of the Lizurej & Kolej Families

Ralph Frank Love

Ania Lozowska

Members of the Lucia & Catalina Families

Bernice F. McCray

Holly Jean McCready

Thomas “Al” McCready

Fr. Michael P. McDonnell, O.F.M.

McGee & Schneider Families

Helen McKeon

Bernabe V. Mendoza

Inez Jeanne Metellus

Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Jr.

Francesco Nuzzi

Members of the Nuzzi and D’Amato Families

Carol O’Brien

O’Hara & Keane Family

Onesefero & Marcelina Pacina

Carmen Pietri

Frances & Robert Pouzar

Betty Prendergast

Mike Prendergast

Sean Prendergast

Maggie Rittler

Eric A. Rivera

Carmen Rivera

JoAnn Schneck

Karen Scott

Olman Sevilla

Enrique Solano

Maria Mercedes Solano

Jessie Q. Sotto

Anne & Kenneth Taylor

Christopher Temple

Ruth & Larry Thorne

Ronald Townes

Wally Travers

Anne & Walter Travers

Regina & Edward Trochimczuk

Michael Vahey Anthony Valenti

Eugenia Vasallo

Dorothy Wendt

Jennie & Charles Wildes, Sr.

Carl Williams

Sharon Yellin

Julian Young

Lourdes Young

Ann Young

Ben Young

For the special intentions of:

Ron & Pat Ketcham

Ruby Martin

Fr. Tom Walters, OFM