Dear parishioners, friends and visitors:

Out of an abundance of caution and to try our best to protect everyone’s health and safety during this current surge in the virus the staff has decided to continue to require masks during Mass and we are now asking people attending in person to present proof of vaccination for the Christmas eve and Christmas Day Masses. If the virus continues to surge and if these measures seem prudent we may continue them in the future also.

There will be security at the main 31st St. entrance and at the 32nd St entrance to the church. The side doors of the church will be available for exit only.


Masks will continue to be required for everyone regardless of vaccination status.

Masks must completely cover your nose and your mouth.

We will continue to give communion in the hand only with the communicant wearing their mask until they step aside to consume the Blessed Sacrament.

We are asking for everyone’s cooperation in this effort to protect one another especially during this Christmas season so we can stay as safe and healthy as possible as we celebrate birth of Christ.