In response to the current Covid surge in New York City and surrounding areas the Church of St. Francis of Assisi is implementing the following Covid regulations for January 2022.  If your ministry or group has any questions how these affect your particular group, please contact your staff liaison.


  • Masks continue to be required at Mass and Communion continues to be only given in the hand.
  • Holy Water basins remain empty.  Holy Water is available in individual bottles in the church lobby.


  • Masks must be worn in Confession and the door to the confessional will be left open for air circulation.

Ministry and Group Meetings:

All groups and ministries are asked to meet remotely for the month of January.


  • Self help and 12 step groups may continue to meet in person
  • groups that hold liturgical celebrations (First Friday Mass, etc.) may continue to have their gathering for prayer, but social gatherings after the liturgical celebration is suspended for January
  • volunteers whose work cannot be done remotely (breadline volunteers, Franciscans delivers, etc.) are not affected by this regulation

The staff is hopeful that these restrictions will only be needed for January 2022 and that normal in person activities will resume as soon as this surge starts to recede.