Starting Monday, July 3 we will celebrate the 12:00 PM and 5:30 PM daily Masses, Monday through Friday, in the lower church.  The daily Mass will return to the upper church after Labor Day.  The Saturday and Sunday Masses are not affected by this move.

We do each year in the summer to keep the air conditioning off in the upper church Monday through Friday. By only turning on the air conditioning in the upper church on weekends, we are able to be better stewards of creation and parish funds.  This saves us tens of thousands of dollars each summer in electric bills.   The lower church is much less costly to keep cool.

For those who come in person we hope you enjoy the change of venue and the intimacy that the lower church offers since it is a smaller worship space.

Those of you who join us vitally on livestream will notice a slight difference in quality as we only have one camera in the lower church.  The upper church has three cameras and better sound integration which allows for a better livestream experience of Mass.  You will be able to see and hear the Mass however. We thank you for your patience. We hope you understand that this small sacrifice is part of our efforts to responsible with our energy consumption and for the greater good.

Thank you.