We know that today many people don’t carry too much cash.  Many of us pay for our coffee or our cab with our cell phone!  The is the electronic world we live in.

Now you can TEXT your donation to St. Francis.

It’s easy, quick, secure and uses your credit or debit card.



Here’s how:

1) Type this number into your text app: 917-983-3911

2) Type the amount of your donation in the text field.

3) Hit “SEND”

4) You will receive a text confirming your donation

It’s that easy!

The first time you use the system, it will ask you to enter your credit card information.  But after the first time, you will be in the system and you can simply type the amount and save the number.

You can even add this phone number as a contact as “St. Francis Donation Number” so you will have it saved on your phone.

Give it a shot!