During the Easter season, the sanctuary is filled with plants and flowers
to celebrate the glory of Christ’s resurrection.

We are grateful to those who have donated towards the cost of these decorations.

In Memory of:

Carlina Apolinaris Acevedo

Joseph Adrien

James Edward Ahearn

Vilma Arthur

Francisco Castro Astacio

Gloria & Jess Aponte

Ursula Beckles

Willis E. Bishop

Rachel Briggs

Thomas Brown

Brown Family

Roberto-Maria & Dolores Camacho

Anthony Cho

Eugene Clare, Sr.

Orlo R. Clark

Roland Hayes Clark

Michael & Mary Cosie

Rosa Delgado

Amelia Diaz Manaog

Felice & Maria DiPaolo

Frank & Giovannina DiPaolo

Nunziata DiPaolo

Frank DiRago

Thomas & Theresa Dolan

Mary & James Dunleavy

Anna & Michael Dunleavy, Sr.

Dunleavy, Wildes & Brown Families

Margarita & Dima Fernandez

Andrea Figueroa

Jerry Floyd

E. Friend

Thomas Aquinas Gilbride

Joan Dorothy Gilbride

Clara Giovanniello

J. Lloyd Grant

Josephine Henriquez

John Henriquez

R. Isaacs

Jane R. & Charles Janiak

Karen Lynn Kemp

Mr. & Mrs. George E. Kemp III

R. Knowles

M. Knowles

Mitchell J. Krask

M. Kuerzi

Sr. Jo Laurienzo, S.N.D.

Lydia & Charles Lawrence

Kenwyn Lord

Padre Santiago Mallen, CSSR

Carmelite & Victor Maynard

Bernice F. McCray

Thomas “Al” McCready

Holly Jean McCready

McGee & Schneider Families

Helen McKeon

Bernabe V. Mendoza

Marie & Thomas Modica

Rt. Rev. Paul Moore, Jr.

Joseph A. O’Leary

Steve & Janet Oryzysyn

Rev. Charles Ott, CSSR

Theresa Ott

Onesefero & Marcelina Pacina

Bob & Mary Paddock

Jose Padilla Genito

Ersula Paul

Frances & Robert Pouzar

Lilia Carriere Prevost

Peralta Prevost

Bella & Jorl Reg

Maggie Rittler

Eric A. Rivera

Gerchow & Candida Rose

Karen Scott

Madeline Serluco

Julien Simon

Jimmy Solomon

Jessie Q. Sotto

William Stroetz

William Stroetz

Gabriel Tarud

Isabel Tarud

Maruja Tarud

Humberto Tarud

Anne Taylor

Christopher Temple

Ruth & Larry Thorne

Elizabeth & Sinforoso Tindog

Siu Tong

Librada & Jose Torres

Ronald Townes

Vera Traad

Rolando Tylan

Cezar Augusto Umadac

Rosetta Valentine

Christopher Valentine

Dora Velaso

Marjorie Victor

Carmen & Fernando Virola-Guzman

Dorothy Wendt

Maddox White

Shannon Whooley

Jennie & Charles Wildes, Sr.

Zer-Hu Yes

Julian Young

Lourdes Young

Ann Young

Ben Young



For the Special Intentions of:

E. Foley

Providencia Castro Gilbride

Michael Thomas Gilbride

Ron & Pat Ketcham

Deborah Lamano

Heather Lewis

Fr. Thomas Walters, O.F.M


The Paschal Candle has been given for the special intentions of:

Katherine Puangco.