The flowers and plants that decorate our church at Easter are a sign of our joy in the Resurrection of Christ and our hope in the resurrection of those who have gone before us.

They have been donated in memory of:

James Edward Ahearn
Inang at Amang
Bessie Anderson
Vilma Arthur & the Luscombe Family
Bernadette Jean Augustin
Jerome Abellard Augustin
Marion R. & Frank T. Burns
Radney Cahilig
Joan and George Call
Genara Henandez Castro
Beatrice Chery
Orlo R. Clark
Eileen Patricia Collins
Nancy Cooney
Michael & Mary Cosie
Bertha & Charles Degnan
Danilo T. Diaz
Amelia Diaz Manaog
Frank DiRago
Tom & Tereasa Dolan
Cecilia Astorga Ferraro
Andrea Figueroa
Peter, Joanna, Joan, Sheila & Mary Foley
E. Friend
Luisa Lorna Z. Gatchalian
Jose Padilla Genito
Clara Giovanniello
Mary Grimes
Lesly Guillaume
Irene Horodecky
R. Isaacs
Jane R. & Charles Janiak
Rosaire Jean
Hector Katenant
Karen Lynn Kemp
Mr. & Mrs. George E. Kemp III
Monika and Rainer Klier
R. Knowles
M. Knowles
Marjorie & David Kraniak
Mitchell J. Krask
M. Kuerzi
Sr. Jo Laurienzo, SND
Lydia & Charles Lawrence
Le, Kane & McCarthy Families
Angela Clyde Lee & Family
Marciano, Jacela, Cirilo & Josephina Lopez
Claudia M. Louis
Fouschard Louis
Bernice F. McCray
Thomas (Al) McCready
Holly Jean McCready
Kam Wong McCready
McGee & Schneider Families
Bernabe Mendoza
Annelore and Peter Mitchell
Nevilia Moreau
Vincenzo Nappo
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O’Brien
Thomas O’Halloran
Onesefedo & Marcelina Pacina
Mary & Bob Paddock
Lynette Persaud
Robert & Frances Pouzar
Edward Prestridge
Hysen Qosej
Michael F. Reilly Sr.
Maggie Rittler
Eric A. Rivera
Karen Scott
Ralph Solomone
Jessie Q. & Alfred Sotto
Ida Stefanachi
Allen Stone
William Stroetz
Mr. & Mrs. Chee Tam
Christopher Temple
Marion & Eugene Thomas
Ruth & Larry Thorne
Siu Tong
Ronnie Townes
Cezar Augusto Umadac
Venditti & Rodriguez Families
Carmen & Fernando Virola
Maddox White
Solomon Woldekian
Yeck Family
Julian, Lourdes, Ben & Ann Young
May & Wilfred
Elle & Sr. Consuela

For the Special Intentions of:

Carla Ann Roudette Brown
Kay Foley
Nicole Mier
Sedfrey & Kathleen


The Paschal Candle and Easter flowers
have been donated for the special intentions of
Katherine Puangco.