The beautiful flowers in the sanctuary raise our minds and our spirits during this joyous season when we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection with renewed exuberance.  They also remind us of the beauty and fragility of creation which is ours to care for.

We also thank all of you who donated towards the flowers and made this possible.  We continue to remember and pray for all of those in whose memory these donations were made:

Our Easter Flowers have been donated in memory of:

Agnes and Morris Albenda
Richard and Shirley Armiger
John Armiger
Bernadette and Jerome Abellard Augustin
Teresa and Frank Badami
Marie Therese & Raymond Barrau
Members of the Brown family
Members of the Badami, Armiger & Byrnes families
Robert Carter
Helen and Philip Castellano
Elena Castellano
Members of the Castellano family
Members of the Cipriani family
Elisa Mary Clarke
Juaquina Colon
David Contreras
Rita Coppa
Istvan Dekany
Thomas & Theresa Dolan
Members of the Dunleavy Family
Mary & James Dunleavy
Anna & Michael Dunleavy, Sr.
Edmona Glasgow
Gilberto Gomez
Dieter Grether
Donald Hsu
Jane R. and Charles Janiak
Members of the Andrejko & Kopcza families
Margaret Kronenberger
Prospera Fernanda Lake
Margarita Lopez Rivera
Concetta Mamone Pinckney
Marie Mamone Pinckney
Members of the Mamone Pinckney Family
Anita & Joe Marquez
Helen McKeon
Joan Melone
Giti Neumann
James Newson
Elizabeth Newson
Eida Ortiz
Carlos Perez
Maximino Perez
Irita Samuel
Anne Marie Sargusingh
Charles A. Sclafani
Jessie Sotto
Mary Ellen and Eamonn Stanford
Members of the Huston and Staub families
Hannah Todd
Neil & Mary Helen Torpey
Jeanne Walsh
Dorthey Wendt
Jennie & Charles Wildes, Sr.
Stephen Rosty & Piotr Wozniak
Li-Yun Yeh
Tsao-Chung Yeh
Ruth and Larry Thorne
Friend, M. Knowles, M. Kuerzi,
Knowles, R. Isaac C. M. Prayor
Cathy Frances and Clare Leblanc
Lawrence Family
Peters Family
Hoff Family
Perry Family
Carmelite and Victor
Maria Dolores Aspa’s family and friends
Deceased members of the Lee, Kane & McCarthy Families
Peter Kim (Inho Kim), Theresa Choi, John Sunwoo (Soon Sunwoo)
Familias Tavarez and Mejia
Gillooly and Hoey Families
The Lee Family
Clyde, Angela, Keith and Christine
Michael and Mary Cosie

And for the special intentions of:

Annette Sampson


The Paschal Candle and Easter flowers
have been donated for the special intentions of
Katherine Puangco.