The beautiful flowers in the sanctuary raise our minds and our spirits during this joyous season when we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection with renewed exuberance.  They also remind us of the beauty and fragility of creation which is ours to care for.

We thank Fr. Michael Reyes, OFM, for offering his talent and hard work create the environment in our church this Easter

We also thank all of you who donated towards the flowers and made this possible.  We continue to remember and pray for all of those in whose memory these donations were made:

Our Easter Flowers have been donated in memory of:

Joseph Adrien
Zoila Aguirre
Clem Aleong
Simone Almon
Members of the Amoroso Family
Alfonso Ang
Bernadette Jean Augustin
Jerome Abellard Augustin
Members of the Augustin Family
Gloria Bancker
Raymond Barrau
Prosperina Barrau
Members of the Barrau, Lake & Lesieux Family
William “Bill” Barry
Billy Basso
Members of the Basso Family
Josephine Bato
Mary Mell Becker
Michelle Benson
James O Boisi
Edith M Boisi
Luke Boisi
John F Boisi
Members of the Boisi and Sheehy Family
Father Victor Bolanoz
Eugene Boyd
Members of the Brown Family
Leslie Caci
Christine Carapucci,
Robert Carter
Members of the Cavanaugh Family
Members of the Cipriani Family
Elisa Mary Clarke
Members of the Colozzi & DeLuca Family
Katherine E. Conroy & Edward J. Conroy
Rita Coppa
Quinn Copps
Members of the Cosie Family
Members of the de Lima Family, and Nicolas and Julia
Members of the de Jesus Family
Bertha Degnan
István Dekany
Amelia Diaz-Manaog
Frank & Jennie DiPaolo
Nunziata DiPaolo
Tom & Theresa Dolan
Mary & James Dunleavy
Members of the Dunleavy Family
Anna & Michael Dunleavy, Sr.
Andrea Figueroa
Members of the Fisco Family
Irene Flynn
Friends lost during the past 2 years
Mariano Garces
Jostelo Garces
Brilla Garces Jarldane
Vela García
Members of the Gillooly & Hoey Families
Joseph A., Sr. & Irene J. Gorski
Members of the Gorski Family
Corinne Grenek
Dieter Grether
Grace V. Guzman-Virola
Members of the Harlan Family
Liz Healy
Elizabeth A. Iloka
Jane R. and Charles Janiak
Rosaire Jean
Lincoln Jobes
Curt Johnson
Geraldine B Karpin
M. Knowle, E. Friend- R. Isaacs – S. Ross, R. Knowles
Kathe Kramer
Margaret Kronenberger
Marie Therese Lake’Barrau
Luke Laroche
Sr. Jo Laurienzo, S.N.D.
Don LaVende
Dominador S. Lee
Christine Lee, Mr. Clyde & Angela Lee & Family
Ilona Legradi
Members of the Légradi & Kiss Family
Jerry Link
Nestor, Roberto and Gil Lo
Margarita Lopez’Rivera
Ben Loyong
Members of the Maddox
Elisa Marinin
Helen Massicci
Derek May
Members of the McBriar Family
James McCannon
Members of the McGee & Schneider Families
Fr. Felix P. McGrath, OFM
Helen McKeon
Joan Melone Melone
Honesta Mora
Betty H. Neals
Alicia N. Nicdao
Eida Ortiz
Oneseferd & Marcelina Pacina
Assunta Palandro
Vilma Perez
Eugene Ragat
Carlos Ramirez & Family
Cesar Ramirez, Jr. & Family
Karla Paola Richmond
Maggie Rittler
Eric A. Rivera
Candida Rose & Gerchow Rose
Stephen J. & Frances M. Rosty
Members of the Saindor, Dupiton & Laguerre Families
Rudolfo Salve
Alex Salvo
Celia Sanone
Beth Seges
Mauro & Purisima Simondac
Maria So Tea
Members of the Soresco Family
Jessie Sotto
Members of the Starzey Family
Members of the Swisher Family
Ferenc Szabó
Gabriel Tarud
Members of the Tavarez & Mejias Family
Fitzroy J. Thomas
Jim Tibor
Neil & Mary Helen Torpey
Doris Traad
Roy & Evelyn Tucker
Roy & Evelyn Tucker
Casilda D. Unabia
Felipe R. Unabia
Hector D. Unabia
Members of the Valera & Macapinlac Family
Celeste Vazzana
Norma Villaflor
Dorthey Wendt
Jennie & Charles Wildes, Sr.
Julian & Lourdes Young
Ben Young & Ann Young

And for the special intentions of:
Eileen Foley
Nev Foy
Setsuko Kashimura
Fr. David McBriar, OFM
Agnes McLoughlin
The Peoples of Ukraine & Russia
Ruth and Larry Thorne
Chris Wong


The Paschal Candle and Easter flowers
have been donated for the special intentions of
Katherine Puangco.