In loving memory of our parents Margaret and David McBriar, deceased and Betty Myers – deceased

offered by Agnes M McLoughlin


Healing, meditations and prayer to you St. Francis and your gracious church of St. Francis of Assisi NY with a novena and flowers

offered by andrea alampy

Conversion of Brian Putong, living, my pending retirement

offered by Araceli Limbaga


Special Intention for my Daughter Tricia.

offered by Barbara A Sonntag


your friends from pennsylvania

offered by cheryl spager


In memory of my parents, William and Marie Cipriani and my brother, Billy.,
all deceased

offered by Clare Amoroso

For the happiness and peace of my daughter.  For peace and love everywhere.

offered by Daisy Zeluck


improved health for David

offered by David Taylor


for deceased family and friends and for those in special need of help and inspiration

offered by Debra Colozzi


Helen and Philip Castellano, deceased

offered by Elena Castellano


Candida Rose, deceased; Gerchow Rose, deceased, L. Lloyd  Grant, deceased

offered by Elizabeth Rose


Albertina Hidalgo Olmedo, deceased

offered by FlordeMaria Valle


Mariano Legaspi – deceased

Glezie Legaspi – special intention

Kristina Layos – special intention

Liza Aguilar – special intention

Norminda Ramos – special intention

offered by glezie Legaspi


Iliana DePaz Telon, living; for her health and speedy recovery

offered by Iliana DePaz


Jane R. and Charles Janiak, deceased

offered by Jane M. Janiak


For my boys in the Healy Family
(special intention)

offered by Janet Healy


Pray for my family, health always.  Thank you.  Amen

offered by Jenevy DeJesus


Eida Oriz – Deceased

offered by Lucy Ortiz


Maria Guia Cabillon, deceased

offered by Magdalena del Castillo

Jessie Q. Sotto, deceased

offered by Maria C Sotto


In memory of

Regina & Edward Trochimczuk, Deceased

offered by Maryann Trochimczuk


Michael Boyle – Special Intention

offered by Megan E McMahon


Michael and Eileen Richter Sabol, deceased

offered by Michael J Sabol Jr


For the deceased members of the Harlan and Lediger family.

offered by Michael J. Harlan


Miri Vela G

offered by Miriam America Garcia Ruiz

Maggie Rittler, deceased

offered by Ms Mary C Havey


Honor of St. Francis’ feast and
blessing of animals

offered by Myrna C. Pinchinat

Peace and quiet in my neighborhood

offered by Norma Ponce

Special Intentions

offered by Patricia Bishop


Families Tavarez, Mejias, Cruz, Castillo

offered by Pedro A. Tavarez


Patrick & Maya Garvey-Mitchell, living; Michael Mitchell, living Peggy and
John Garvey, deceased

offered by Peg Garvey-Mitchell

Dear St. Francis of Assisi:

For Special Intention, for the Health of Rita Ocasio (me), my daughters: Rita Gonzalez and Maritza Gonzalez and friend Maricelis Vega.

Provide Health, Blessings and Safety for our Cats, Dogs and Chickens,

THANKS St. Francis of Assisi

offered by Rita H. Ocasio Ortiz

Pray for my sister whose leg has been amputated.  She is in South Africa.

offered by Rosalia L. Motloenya

RoseMarie Azzaro, deceased

offered by Rosemary Azzaro

Don Lavende, Deceased

Leslie Caci, Curt Johnson, Lincoln Jobes and Clem Aleong

And special intension for
Agnes Lavende recuperation
From the Lavende-Ordorica family

offered by Sandra Lavende

Cassie Sonntag, deceased

Tricia Rumola, Special intention

offered by Tricia A Rumola

Victor A. Green, Deceased

offered by Vanessa N Washington


Thank You