Flowers were donated to adorn the church and give thanks to God for St. Anthony on his special day by parishioners and visitors with prayers and intentions.  We add our prayers as we ask for St. Anthony to intercede for these and for all who are devoted to this beloved saint.


Ginny Carrington
For the members of the Cipriani family
Galina Davidic
Nelida Dumeng
Beulah Estwick
Frances Fakouri
Catherine Gavia
Caesar & Jeanne Garcia
Anthony Giovino, Sr
For the members of the Giovino and Cino families
Teddy Gonzales
Adrinenne Gunther & Family
Mercedes Gunther
Thomas Gunther
Kennedy Gunther
Johnny Gunther
The Gunther Family
Diane & Butch Istre
Gaitri Khan
Todd Lippincott and Family
Lisa Martin
Bill Minor
Janice & Joyce Morrissey
Chrissy Nelson
Samantha Nicole Pablo
Samuela Perrotto
Sophia Angela Regalado
Father George P. Reilly, OFM
Janet Rhorer
John, Grace, Johnny Rible
Toni Romero
Jaime San Juan
Jussein San Juan
Cathy de los Santos
James & Joyce Schanck
Jessie Q. Sotto
Jose Uy
Gregoria Mendoza Uy
Deceased members of Vitti and Conetta Families
Josh Williams and Family
Vera James
Thomas & Theresa


In thanksgiving to St. Anthony and for peace in Ukraine

Agatha Afriyie
Jose Aquino
Clara Ayala
For the special intentions of the Cavanaugh Family
Theresa Concert
Natalie Danna
Deborah DiRago
Paula Fencini
Masda Figaro
Jonathan Fitzgerald
Anthony Giovino
Louis Giovino
Mary and Sam Giovino
Giovino Family
Antony Kozhipatt
Mrs. Gloria Pascual
Marie Pohl
Nicholas Scott
Ouida Scott
Renaldo Scott
Samuel Scott
Healing for Barbara & Henry Sonntag
In Thanksgiving for my daughter Tricia and for her special intentions. Thank you St. Anthony