Today, January 6th, is the traditional Feast of the Epiphany, also called “Three Kings Day.”  We would like to wish everyone who celebrates the Epiphany today a very happy feast day!

Why isn’t the feast celebrated today in Church?

This is a good question.  In the United States, and some other countries, the bishops have moved the celebration of this feast to Sunday.  They did this because the Epiphany is such an important Christmas feast that our bishops wanted to make sure that people would attend the Mass.  In countries like the US, where the secular society does not recognize the Epiphany as a holiday, the bishops felt that too many people would miss the celebration if it fell during the work week.  And so the feast was moved to Sunday.  In many countries around the world the Epiphany is still celebrated on the traditional date of January 6th.

For people from those countries where this is an important holiday – with celebrations with family and friends – this can cause some confusion how to celebrate.

While we can’t move the Liturgical celebration of the feast back to the 6th, there is nothing wrong with gathering with family and friends today to continue to celebrate the Birth of Christ.  It is still the Christmas season and with the Wise Men, wise men and women today still seek the King.

May the Light that they traveled far to find enlighten those who believe today and everyday.

Happy Three Kings Day!