Why give online?

  1. Most of us don’t carry cash anymore
  2. Most of us are not going to fill little envelopes each week and carry them to Mass
  3. We pay the rest of our bills online already
  4. Most importantly:  The Church relies on our regular financial support to meet our budget.

The Church of St. Francis of Assisi, like all parishes, must rely on the financial contributions of the people who come here to Mass to make our annual budget which is just over three million dollars each year.  That’s how much it costs to provide all of the ministries – liturgical ministries, pastoral care ministries, education and catechetical ministries, outreach to those in need, etc. as well as maintaining the Church building, office building and education center.

And while we ask our members to tithe, as all Christians are called to do, we are not asking for 10% but we ask our members to contribute 2.5% or ONE HOUR of our weekly salary.  Our financial support of the Church should not be an after-thought but a part of our monthly expenses as a disciple of Christ and faithful member of the Church.

Putting a dollar in the basket as it goes by is not, for the vast majority of us, fulfilling our responsibility to support the community.

So… if you haven’t done so yet… please, sign up for online giving and bring your financial support of your church into the 21st century. You can do so right now, but clicking on the logo below

Thank you!