Lenten Day of Reflection 2022:
The Church Journeying Together
Presented by Dr. Brian Flanagan, PhD, Marymount College
Saturday, March 19, 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM
San Damiano Hall
And on livestream at:  www.stfrancisnyc.org/st-francis-live/

Church of St. Francis welcomes Professor Brian Flanagan of Marymount College to begin our considerations of the Synodal way proposed by Pope Francis. Professor Flanagan completed his Ph.D. from Boston College, is currently President of the College Theology Society, and is author of Stumbling in Holiness: Sin and Sanctity in the Church.

The three key concepts of the synodal way are Communion, Participation, and Mission. With this presentation, we will kick off our process of conversations regarding life in the Church. This is an exciting time for us as Church and an incredible opportunity to listen to one another reflect on our faith journeys. For us at St. Francis, this is an opportunity to look beyond the pandemic, take what we have learned within this experience, and deepen our understanding of witnessing to the Gospel. Within the Franciscan tradition, it is once again to “rebuild my church.”

In case you missed the talk, here is a video of the presentation. We apologize that the livestream did not work on Saturday. The same issue affected the quality of the video below, but we hope you can get the gist of what was a great presentation:

If you have a difficult time hearing Dr. Flanagan’s presentation which he gave at St. Francis, here is a webinar he gave on the same topic which will be easier to hear: