Lilies were donated to adorn the church and give thanks to God for St. Anthony on his special day by parishioners and visitors with prayers and intentions.  We add our prayers as we ask for St. Anthony to intercede for these and for all who are devoted to this beloved saint.

(intentions are listed generally in alphabetical order by the first name of the donor)

Intentions: Offered by:
Health and love of my bf James B. Angelina Edelman
In gratitude for St. Anthony’s presence and intercession in my life. Ann D. Jablon
For the loving Husband of Anna Agnieszka Mynarz. “special intention” Anna Mynarz
For my father Bronislaw Mynarz. “deceased” Anna Mynarz
St. Anthony, always take good care of me and my family Anonymous
Anthony J. and Josephine M. Malara, Anthony I. and Joseph H. S. Malara Anthony  & Joseph Malara
Good Health and peace at home Araceli Limbaga
For family of Feria, Perez, and Cruz AURA FERIA
Special Intention – For my daughter Tricia Rumola Barbara A Sonntag
Special Intention for my daughter Tricia Rumola

For deceased: Thomas and Theresa Dolan

Special intention for my daughter Mary Ellen and grandson Connor

Special intention for Henry and Barbara Sonntag

Barbara A Sonntag
In honor of St. Anthony from Bernita Robinson Bernita Robinson
Thanks for benefits and blessings Carla Ann Roudette Brown
For my special intentions and in thanksgiving for the many blessings. Christine M. Goodwin
For the deceased members of the Cipriani family Clare Amoroso
Pray for my health and mom’s health, pray for a blessing for apartment opportunities Cynthia Hernandez
Health of David Taylor – Special intention David Taylor
 in memory of deceased family members for for a special intention Debra Colozzi
For the Lawrence Family Diane Lawrence
In honor of St. Anthony and for special intentions Dolores Henry
Gershow and Candida Rose Elizabeth Rose
For the Abulencia Family and in thanksgiving to St. Anthony Feliciana & Antonio Abulencia
Birthday 72 years old Gilda Gines
In Memory of Anna Marie Lynch, born on the feast of St. Anthony in 1923.

Please remember her and deceased members of the Lewandoski, Napierski, Lynch and Curry  families who are in her wonderful company.

Grace Lynch
St. Anthony, I love you! Indira Vukic
Jane R. and Charles Janiak (deceased) Jane M. Janiak
for the Cavanaugh and Sweeney Family special intentions Janice Cavanaugh
For my Beloved Mother, Bridget Lavin (deceased) Jean M Lavin
In honor of St. Anthony and for special intentions Jennifer E Wiler
For our daughter, Lily, who will be celebrating her 29th birthday on June 13, 2021. Jonathan B Dwyer
Samuela Perrotto (deceased) Judith T Dolan
For Mauro and Purisima Simondac Justin Simondac
St. Anthony, please continue to guide us and protect us Loida de la Isla
For the intentions of Lourdes Tabique-Marasigan and Denise T. Marasigan LOURDES T. MARASIGAN
For the soul of my Aunt Alice D. McCormack — who had a special devotion for St. Anthony for her baby — baby Anthony McCormack — for the soul of Gerard Anthony Gilbride — deeply and Most especially St. Anthony for all the needs of Providencia Castro Apolinaris Gilbride and Michael Gilbride — in thanksgiving for getting my Metro card this morning back — Please always help Michael Gilbride when he loses things for the friars at St. Francis of Assisi Church most especially Fr. Kevin Tortorelli, Fr. Felix McGrath and Fr. Robert Gavin and Fr. Brian Smail and Fr. Paul Lostrito — for Fr. Andrew Reits and for Elizabeth and Gerard Del Re and for Tonita Maldonado and Anthony Napoli and for Anthony Santoro and for Anthony Hughes — for Fr. Gerard Sauer and for Fr. Michael Falce and for Bishop Paul Moore and Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio for Dolores McCarthy and Lafcadio Molina and for Fr. Anthony Banye and for our homes and our financial needs — for Ruth Anne Gilbride and Marivel Garcia Michael Gilbride
Jessie Q. Sotto


For eternal repose of his soul.

Maria Corsini C Sotto
For the safety of my family Maria Elena Chan
For the intentions of Christine and Lauren Cherichella Maria L Cherichella
For the deceased members of the Diaz family and for Ruby de Jesus Maria L Diaz de Jesus
Robert Dorgan  & all my deceased family & friends.  For a change of heart for my granddaughter Liz.  To help me restore my health. For thanks for all the

favors he has done for me.

Mary Dorgan
For Maggie Rittler Mary Havey
My special intentions, for my sons, grandsons, family members, peace of mind, jobs, school, health, finances Michelle Sylveseter
L & D Members DiPaolo Family, Christine Carapucci, Lucille Baron, Arlene Feliccia Nancy DiPaolo
Frank Cosie-Healing special intention Nancy F Cosie
For Eric Anthamatten.  May his bright light be well celebrated and continue to shine in the many lives he touched. Nicholas McGovern
Joseph A. Gorski, Sr. (Father-Deceased)

Irene J. Gorski (Mother-Deceased)

Josephine Murgo (Mother of a Work Colleague-Recently Deceased)

Patricia L Gorski
Resurrection, Holy Spirit,  Praise God Patricia V. Browne
Deceased members of GANCE and Havens families. Robert Gance
Elizabeth & Robert Troilo, my parents – deceased.  They were married on the Feast of St. Anthony. Roberta L Troilo
In Memory of:  Stephen J. and Frances M. Rosty (deceased) Roberta Rosty
Mark Broadway deceased

John and Mary Kunert deceased

Theresa Broadway
In honor of St. Anthony and for special intentions Theresa Concert
Financial reparation for the Family of Joseph & Mary  Diallo Therese Diallo
In memory of my wife who died June 5, 2021 Thomas P.Donlon
Robert S. Andrejko (deceased) Tracey Andrejko
Special Intention for healing my parents:

Barbara Sonntag

Henry Sonntag

Tricia A Rumola
For Victor A. Green Vanessa N. Washington
For the deceased and living members of the Baranello/Schubert Family Wendy Baranello