The friars and staff send out our heartfelt greetings and warmest wishes for a Very Merry Christmas to all of our parishioners, friends and visitors.

We know that this Christmas is unlike any Christmas any of us have ever experienced.  People in our community, country and around the world are suffering due to the pandemic raging around us.  So many people have died.  So many are sick this Christmas.  So many are out of work and suffering serious economic stress and so many medical professionals, first responders and essential workers are exhausted by months of being there in harms way for the sake of the rest of us.  It is difficult to find light and joy this Christmas.

But the first Christmas was difficult too:  Mary and Joseph were far from home, alone and had no place to stay.  They did not have a lot of money. Mary had to deliver her baby in a stable and lay her little boy in a manger surrounded by farm animals.  And yet, the Angels sang at the birth of the savior.  In the midst of that darkness they announced the good news to a world in desperate need of it.

In the midst of this pandemic, maybe we can gaze again into the manger and see our God who was willing to enter this beautiful, yet often difficult, scary world.  Maybe we can take the time to remember that the Son of God leapt down from the heavens to be with us for one reason only:  He loves us that much.

Our pray this year is that God’s love, which is always with us, might fill our hearts with faith that God is with us, and with hope He will see us through and beyond this moment.

Merry Christmas!