The Migrant Center would like to THANK YOU!!!

Thank you to our volunteers and financial supporters and donors for your ongoing support of the Migrant Center’s Drop-In Center where we have been able to assist so many of the 55,000 migrants who have come to New York to begin their new lives!!

We are phasing out the Drop-In Center outreach and phasing in other needed assistance for newly arrived migrants including:

  • Providing ESL classes at St. Francis to help migrants learn English
  • Assist with asylum applications and helping them fill out the Immigration forms
  • Assist migrants with job training and skills.

There is still a great need for people who are bi-lingual with either Spanish or Haitian Creole.

If you are able to help with these ministries, please contact Fr. Julian at or call 212-736-8500 x377.

Again, many many Thanks for all you have done in helping us to provide for these sisters and brothers!!