The Online 40 Hours Immigration Advocates Course is designed to equip participants with the necessary knowledge of the U.S. Immigration Laws enabling them to become effective immigration advocates.   This year’s course will include the latest changes in the law like crimes grounds of inadmissibility & deportability, U visas and T visas, asylum and withholding of removal, new public charge rules, Liberian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act & many more.

The cost of the course is $750.00 which includes a 2-volume manual.  The Migrant Center offer 25% tuition discounts to members of not-for-profit organizations.

The course will run for 14 Tuesdays starting April 13 from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m., some sessions will be shorter.  Mr. Hasan Shafiqulla, Attorney-in-Charge of the Immigration Law Unit at The Legal Aide Society, will be the course instructor.

For more information, please call (212) 736-8500 ext. 328 or email me at 


Click here for our brochure: 40 HOURS ONLINE IMMIGRATION COURSE