… Experiencing racism is not limited to African or Native Americans. Many different groups have encountered “in varying degrees the evil of discrimination, racial prejudice, and oppression that endangers the very fabric of American society.”

… We would be remiss not to highlight the experience of Hispanics in our country. Since the Mexican-American War, Hispanics from various countries have experienced discrimination in housing, employment, healthcare, and education. Hispanics have been referred to by countless derogatory names, have encountered negative assumptions made about them because of their ethnicity, have suffered discrimination in applying for college, for housing, and in registering to vote…

Today, many Hispanics are often assumed to be in this country illegally. These attitudes of cultural superiority, indifference and racism need to be confronted; they are unworthy of any follower of Christ. After all, a large part of our nation consists of immigrants and their descendants.

(to be continued)