The Urgent Call of Love

Love compels each of us to resist racism courageously. It requires us to reach out generously to the victims of this evil, to assist the conversion needed to those who still harbor evil, and to begin to change policies and structures that allow racism to persist. Overcoming racism is a demand of justice, but because Christian love transcends justice, the end of racism will mean that our community will bear fruit beyond simply the fair treatment of all. After all, “Within the [human] family, “ as St. John Paul II said, “each people preserves and expresses its own identity and enriches others with its gifts of culture.” Our faith gives us a treasury of inspiring holy men and women who courageously worked toward racial reconciliation, showing us the way forward… St. Katharine Drexel… dedicated her life working closely with Native Americans and African Americans, exhibiting genuine respect and concern… As she said, “If you wish to serve God and love our neighbor well, we must manifest our joy in the service we render to Him and them. Let is open wide our hearts. It is joy which invites us. Press forward and fear nothing.”

(to be continued)