Walk Humbly with God

To press forward without fear means “to walk humbly with God” in rebuilding our relationships, healing our communities, and working to shape our policies and institutions toward the good of all, as missionary disciples. Evangelization, which is the work of the Church “means not only preaching but witnessing, not only conversion but renewal; not only entry into the community but the building up of the community.” Racism is a moral problem that requires a moral remedy – a transformation of the human heart – that impels us to act.

The power of this type of transformation will be a strong catalyst in eliminating those injustices that impinge on human dignity. As Christians, we know this to be true, for with “God all things are possible.” It is the Lord who, by his grace, forgives and restores us to these relationships and heals the wounds between us… To press forward without fear also means cooperating with God’s grace by taking direct and deliberate steps for change. It means opening doorways where once only walls stood.

(to be continued)