Overcoming racism…

A change of heart…cannot occur without strengthening spiritual convictions regarding respect for other races and ethnic groups. We must, therefore, explain the true teaching of Scripture and Tradition about the origin of all people in God, their final common destiny in the Kingdom of God, the value of the precept of fraternal love, and total incompatibility between racist exclusivism and the universal calling of all to the same salvation in Jesus Christ.

Our individual efforts to encounter, grow, and witness, to change our hearts about racism, must also find their way into our families. We urge each person to consider the dignity of others in the face of jokes, conversations, and complaints motivated by racial prejudice. We can provide experiences for children that expose them to different cultures and peoples. We can also draw upon the incredible diversity of the Church worldwide in providing education within the family and make it clear that God dwells in the equal dignity of each person.

(to be continued)