Overcoming racism…

Of course, racism will not end overnight. Still, we pledge these actions and hope that more actions will follow. We ask [all] to fight the evil of racism by educating themselves, reflecting on personal thoughts and actions, listening to those who have been affected by racism, and by developing and supporting programs that help repair the damages caused by racial dis- crimination. We need to educate ourselves and our people about the great cultural diversity within the church…So many of our parishes are richly diverse, composed of people from various cultures and ethnic groups, such that they can be a model for the whole church and for the country.

The roots of racism have extended deeply into the soil of our society. Racism can only end if we contend with the policies and institutional barriers that perpetuate and preserve the inequality – economic and social – that we still see all around us. With renewed vigor, we call on the members of the Body of Christ to join others in advocating and promoting policies at all levels that will combat racism and its effects in our civic and social institutions.

(to be continued)