Reconsiderations: Three Novels of the Bronte Sisters

Sometimes called “the first family of literature,” the Bronte sisters nurtured one another’s creativity from early childhood. Using male pen names of Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell, the sisters published a book of poems in 1846. Maintaining their pseudonyms, each published her first novel in 1847. We will read the works in order of publication: Jane Eyre, a coming-of-age story; Wuthering Heights, a gothic and psychological masterpiece; and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, the story of a woman living as a single mother of a young son in order to escape an abusive marriage. Besides considering the characters’ struggles for personal identity and meaningful relationships in a rigid caste and class system, we will consider how the critical reception of these works has changed since their publication

Instructor:  Sr. Fran McManus, RSM

Feb. 23 – Apr. 13 No class Ap. 6th (Holy Thursday)
(Please Note: the starting date for this course is incorrectly listed as “Feb. 2” in the printed brochure)
Thursday 12:30-1:30
On Zoom

Fee: $60.00