This is just a friendly reminder that we are all called to pitch in to support the mission of the Church.  Our protestant brothers and sisters generally follow the biblical rule to give 10% of our income to the church.  Many Catholic churches ask 5%.  Here at St. Francis we know that living in New York is expensive and that 10% or even 5% might be very difficult.  So we ask our members and visitors to contribute the equivalent of ONE HOUR of work each week to support St. Francis.  This comes to 2.5 % of our weekly income.

Have you committed to your ONE HOUR yet?

We need to be talking about this for two reasons:

1) Our support for the mission of the church is part of being a faithful Christian

2) The reality is that our collections are falling far short of what it costs to keep St. Francis of Assisi running. In fact, many people still only give $1.00 at Mass… which is not sacrificial giving and does little to help us pay our bills.


If you want to make a one-time donation to support all that we do at St. Francis you can do so here.

or you can now text your donation to the church!
Just text our text giving number: 917-983-3911.
Simply put the amount of your donation in body of the text.

Note: the first time you use the text system you will have to fill out some information, but after that you’re in!


Or if you are ready to commit to your year-round financial support of the Church you can sign up for weekly or monthly giving by clicking here.