Join us as we honor St Joseph in this his special year. We will look at St Joseph from a variety of perspectives, such as scripture, early connections in church history, what the saints said about St Joseph, the development and spread of devotions to St Joseph such as the litany to him and various prayers, his characteristics, special feast days, as well as the writings of various popes on St Joseph, particularly the most recent Patris Corde, written by Pope Francis on the 150th Anniversary of Saint Joseph as Patron of the Universal Church. Finally, we will wrap up by considering how to deepen our devotion and patronage to St. Joseph in our current lives.

Recommended:               Patris Corde – easily available to download, as well as the Litany to him

Instructor: Mary J. Gennuso, Ph.D.
Saturday Oct 16th
 this lecture has been rescheduled to Saturday October 23rd.
Time: 1PM-3:00PM

This is a ZOOM Meeting only

Fee: $20.00