On November 2 at 7 PM our church was again filled with people who came to remember their lost loved ones at a special Mass of Remembrance.  We hold this Mass each year and it gives people a chance to come together to pray and remember their loved ones with their photos in the sanctuary, candles lit, incense rising to God, and beautiful music.  Fr. Tom Gallagher, our pastor, presided at the Mass last night and gave a beautiful homily which reminds us that as Christians we know that our loved ones are with the Lord and still with us.

This Mass is particularly important to people who live far from family and friends that pass away and can’t share in the rituals that hold us up in times of grief and sadness.  So we share those rituals together in our own sacred space with our community at St. Francis.

If you would like to watch the 2022 Mass of Remembrance, we have posted it here: