We need to learn to help others to realize that the only way is to learn.. to encounter others with the right attitude, which is to accept and esteem them as companions along the way… Better yet, it means learning to  find Jesus in the faces of others, in their voices, in their pleas…There indeed we  find true healing, since the way to relate to others which truly heals instead of debilitating us, is a mystical fraternity, a contemplative fraternity. It is a fraternal love capable of seeing the sacred grandeur of our neighbor, of  finding God in every human being, of tolerating the nuisances of life in common by clinging to the love of God, of opening the heart to divine love and seeking the happiness of others just as their heavenly Father does. Here and now, especially where we are a ‘little flock’, the Lord’s disciples are called to live as a community which is the salt of the earth and the light of the world. We are called to bear witness to a constantly new way of living together in fidelity to the Gospel.  Let us not allow ourselves to be robbed of community.