What is a Franciscan Friar?

The Franciscans, also called the Order of Friars Minor, are members of the the Catholic religious order founded by Saint Francis of Assisi over 800 years ago. We seek to follow the manner of life that Saint Francis led. Our Order is a mendicant religious order of men who depend on the charity of the people we serve for our livelihood. “Mendicant” come from the Latin word mendicans, or “begging.”

This new order founded by Saint Francis was prompted by a need to reinvigorate the life of the Catholic Church. At the present time, the Franciscan Friars number 17,224 worldwide with over 500 novices or “friars in training.”

Often you will see O.F.M. after a friar’s name and wonder what it means. It stands for Ordo Fratrum Minorum or Order of Friars Minor, more commonly called the Franciscans.

What is a Franciscan Province?

A Franciscan Province is a geographic area of the country or world where the Friars of the province live and work. In a large country there may be several provinces.

What is Holy Name Province?

Holy Name Province is the largest of seven provinces in the United States belonging to the Franciscan Order. It covers the eastern seaboard with some locations beyond. The Provincial headquarters are located here at St. Francis Friary in New York City.