Why do the Franciscan Friars need financial support?

The Franciscan Friars ask not for themselves, but for the sake of others, and often do so with some embarrassment and hesitation. However, there are times that need a stronger call, and that is now. The Friars, in our “tradition of begging,” are asking for money for three very important causes:

1. For young men who desire to become Franciscan Friars

We need your help for education and all its related costs, plus their room and board and intern expenses.

2. For our work with the poor and desperate

Saint Francis traced the beginning of his conversion to the moment when God led him to live among lepers and serve them. Ever since that time, direct service to the materially poor and marginalized people of society has been a hallmark of Franciscan ministry. We have continued that tradition for more than 800 years. An example is the daily Breadline here at St. Francis Church.

3. For our sick and elderly Franciscan Friars

These Friars have served so many for so long – and are now in need of care themselves. The cost of their care has risen drastically, while the quality of their care depends on those whom they have served so well.