“Here am I, Lord, I come to do your will.” This is the refrain for today’s Responsorial Psalm. This refrain is a good prayer for each of us as we begin our new day. We don’t know completely what may happen during any day, but our concern is always to do what will be pleasing to the Lord and what will witness to the faith that is in our hearts. Some days it may be more difficult than others to say this, but with the Lord’s guidance and support, we will be able to do even what may be challenging.

I want to bring to your attention the program that will be presented Monday evening, January 16th. Our observance of Martin Luther King’s birthday is this day and in the spirit of Rev. King, we will present an evening “Hope in a Time of Anxiety.” We recognize that there is much tension and division and even hostility in our country. Our faith tradition has much to offer us as we move forward into 2017. There will be several parts of the evening: a short presentation, a time for listening, and a time for pray. Our Provincial, Fr. Kevin Mullen, O.F.M., will be the moderator for the evening. Dr. Martin Luther King has much to teach us and so it is fitting that this evening is held on a day dedicated to him.

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.