Jesus and the man born blind is the focus for today’s Gospel on this Fourth Sunday of Lent. Reading through this lengthy Gospel, you will notice that it is filled with many people who are blind. Perhaps they may not be physically blind, but their refusal to attempt to understand who Jesus is can be seen over and over again as the disciples, the neighbors, and the Pharisees ask question after question of the “blind” man. Some want to “see” and others just want to refuse that Jesus could heal this man. There is a good lesson for all of us about our being blind. All of us suffer from this condition, but remember, Jesus can open our eyes…and our heart.

Lent is moving along quickly. Here we are at the Fourth Sunday. On Friday of this week, March 31, we will have our Communal Penance Service, Pardon and Peace. It begins at 7:00 PM with a Scripture Service, followed by individual confession of sins. There will be a number of confessors available for anyone who would like to confess one to one. It is an inspiring service when we gather as a community of sinners to be healed by the gracious love of God, who “never tires of forgiving us” as Pope Francis has reminded us.

A reminder that if you prefer to go to confession during the week, we have extra confessors each day. Don’t wait until Holy Week.

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.