Martha and Mary were good friends of Jesus and some of his first and most faithful disciples. We hear in today’s Gospel that their brother Lazarus, also a friend of Jesus, has fallen ill. By the time Jesus arrived, Lazarus had died and was already been in the tomb for four days. This doesn’t stop Jesus. What follows is rather touching because Jesus goes directly to the tomb and calls out,“Lazarus, come out.” To everyone’s surprise, Lazarus, alive, comes out. From this comes the famous proclamation of Jesus, “I am the resurrection and the life, whoever believes in me, even if he dies,will live…” With Jesus much is possible.

Each week I give you the latest report that I have received from the Cardinal’s Appeal Office. We are slowly but steadily moving along toward our goal. I am grateful for those people who have already given to the Appeal, many very generous in their donations. Whatever you can afford or are willing to sacrifice is greatly appreciated. If you have put the Cardinal’s Appeal donor envelope aside or lost yours, there are envelopes available in church. Take one and either give an outright gift or make a pledge.You may also do this online at  (Please indicate “St. Francis of Assisi, New York” as your parish).

Thank you!

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.