The parables of Jesus were meant to teach a lesson to his hearers, and he would often tell a parable to those who opposed him. There is always a surprise in the parables and today’s is a good example. One thing to avoid when reading a parable is focusing on the details because they can be confusing or not make sense. The main point of the parable is to look for the “message” that Jesus is trying to get across to his audience. The Pharisees and scribes were often his audience; however, in today’s Gospel, he directs the parable to his disciples. There must have been tension among them and the parable pointed out that the landowner was “generous.” There is another “Landowner” who is generous that Jesus was pointing out.

Today at Mass the speakers remind all of us that we don’t just “attend” Mass, but that we are part of a faith community; we are committed to this church at this time. To keep our church running and providing Masses, confessions, programs and ministries daily, your nancial commitment is necessary. Many people responded in years past to the One Hour Program either by increasing their weekly donation or by signing up for online giving. By signing up online, you don’t have to worry about having cash for the collec- tion. This has helped our income greatly. Still, I  find that the number of $1 bills in the collection is surprising. If this is all that you can afford, I am grateful, but consider what $1 means in today’s economy in Manhattan. It is rare that you can find anything for $1 – not even at Jack’s. All of our expenses are more than last year. We have worked together over the year to take care of necessary repairs and expenses. I know that I can count on your continued participation now.

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.