This weekend we celebrate the Nativity of John the Baptist. This feast rarely falls on Sunday, but because of John’s importance in the story of salvation, the readings and prayers are from the Mass for his Nativity. We hear the familiar story of Elizabeth and Zechariah, both advanced in years, giving birth to a son and then naming him John, rather than Zechariah or another family name. His father wrote on a tablet that “John is his name.” Later, many people came to John for a baptism of repentance who kept stressing the fact that he was the voice of one in the desert and not the messiah. He said: “He must increase; I must decrease.” A whole new age began with John and it is fitting to celebrate his birth on this day, often referred to as the “Summer Nativity.”

I want to welcome Brother Steven Kuehn, O.F.M. who is with us for his summer internship. Br. Steve is studying theology at the Catholic Theological Union in Chicago in preparation for ordination to the priesthood. When you see him, please welcome him to St. Francis.

Our November Pilgrimage to Poland and Eastern Europe is full and we are not accepting any more reservations. Congratulations to those who have signed up. You will be hearing from the Travel Company in July about final payment.

There is much happening in our country that needs our prayer and our action. Contact your Congressman and your Senator. Let them know how you feel about recent actions.