Misunderstood. We see in today’s Gospel that Jesus is again misunderstood. James and John seem to believe that Jesus’ kingdom is going to be about worldly power and prestige and they want a high position in this kingdom. This sets the stage for Jesus to clarify what he means. Being great in Jesus’ kingdom means being of service to others. He says, “Whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant.” This is a totally new meaning for being “great.” Jesus is constantly changing the meaning of words that describe man-made standards. Worldly ambition has no part in Jesus’ kingdom. This is certainly different from life today!

Last week, you heard about the Renew and Rebuild Capital Campaign and the progress that has been made in working toward our goal of $1,022,000.

We have over $750,000 in pledges that were given by 77 individuals/families. We now need $277,000 to reach our goal. A pledge over the period of five years is a great help. Click HERE for a flyer that offers ways to make a pledge. This shows you that your pledge may be fulfilled annually, semi-annually or monthly.

This may be paid from your credit card (more miles!), or drawn from your bank account or by sending a check. A one-time donation is also greatly appreciated, or you may choose to make a one-time donation yearly because of your changing financial situation. Remember: 74% of funds raised help St. Francis take care of the challenges that we experience almost daily in these old buildings. We appreciate you taking the time to consider how you would like to help St. Francis Church.

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.