Dear Community and Friends of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi,


May the Risen Lord give you peace.

We gather this weekend to remember the great love of God, who raised Jesus from the dead. We celebrate the gift that is God. What wondrous love! From the cross, Jesus offers forgiveness, and in his resurrection, he empowers us to do the same. He does not seek retribution for betrayal, denial, false accusation, or condemnation. Instead, he breathes the new life of the Spirit into the world. Alleluia!

Please come to join us as we celebrate the great love of God together. I remember how painful it was three years ago when we could not gather as communities to rejoice in the gift of resurrection. God has raised us with Christ! Please invite family and friends; there is plenty of room for all. Saints and “so-called sinners”  ere welcomed by Jesus. People from many ways of life and unusual paths encountered him and discovered themselves. Come whether or not you have kept the fast of Lent or been steadfast in your resolutions! No matter where your life’s path has led you, prodigal daughter/son or faithful older sister/brother, the feast of God’s love is prepared for us all.

Even as we gather to rejoice in the Lord, we remember places of war and violence, school shootings, migrants, the homeless, the poor, all who suffer addiction, the sick, and all who grieve. Together, we are the communion of saints; many people struggle and carry heavy burdens. This feast of the Lord’s compassion inspires us to greater compassion. Our journey from Ash Wednesday to today has been transformative for us. We are more open to receiving the gift of God’s goodness.

We are a blessed community here at St. Francis of Assisi. We are rich in diversity and talent. Graced in prayer and reconciliation. The Franciscan tradition is embodied in our way of celebrating and our way of life. Thank you for all you bring to the community and our life together. St. Francis’ love for Christ and Christ’s presence in all creation is fundamental to the life of this church community.

Alleluia! Thanks!

Happy and Blessed Easter,

Fr. Tom, ofm