Today’s Gospel is a story of healing. Jesus encountered a crowd of people after he “had crossed… in the boat to the other side.” First a synagogue official came forward and pleaded with Jesus to lay his hands on his daughter who is at the point of death. As Jesus moves on, a woman who had suffered with hemorrhages for twelve years approaches Jesus. She touches his clothing with the hope of being cured. Jesus responds by telling her that her faith has saved her. He finally gets to the house of the synagogue official and people are weeping and wailing. This doesn’t stop Jesus. He goes into the room where the young girl is and takes her hand and tells here to “arise.” She gets up immediately. What a day for Jesus! What a day for this woman and this young girl!

Wednesday, July 4, is Independence Day. We have one Mass at 11:30 and the Parish Offices are closed for the day. This is a day to thank God for the bravery of our ancestors who worked to make us a country free from control by another country. It is our responsibility to appreciate this gift of freedom and to work to preserve it. Although the holiday is in the middle of the week, I hope that you will have some leisure time to enjoy it.

Happy 4th of July!

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.