Dear Community and Friends of the Church of St. Francis of Assisi,

May the Lord give you peace.

Thank you for your participation in the Pentecost celebrations last weekend. The Masses were lively, and grace filled. I was delighted with the many children who joined us for masses over the weekend. It is good to hear the little voices during the Mass.

I ask your prayers for the friars this week. We will gather in Chapter as Holy Name Province for the last time. In October we will become a new province, Our Lady of Guadalupe, along with our brothers from five other provinces across the United States. Our gathering will be a time of remembering and celebrating the history of Holy Name Province and the many friars who have gone before us. We also give thanks for the young men who are beginning their journey with us as friars. The Church of St. Francis of Assisi has been central to the life of our Province. Many of us professed our Solemn Vows here. This has been the Provincial Headquarters for many years.

Fr. Dennis, Fr. Michael, and Fr. Frank will stay home to be sure that we are able to continue Mass and Confessions with you. We will not be available for confessions this week (Monday -Friday) at 8:00 AM.

Please be assured of the prayers of the friars for you as we gather. You are a great gift to us, and you have formed and shaped us over the years. I thank you for welcoming friars into your lives over the many years. A former Minister Provincial once noted that we are at our best when we are with people. You show us the love and grace of God.

Blessings and Peace, Fr. Tom, ofm