The Gospel for the First Sunday of Lent shows Jesus being tempted. Jesus resists the temptations by showing that what Satan offers does not satisfy Him in any way. His hunger is satisfied by His relationship with the Father; He knows that people worship other gods but God alone He adores; He uses His power and authority to heal, to forgive, to cure, to include everyone. Aware of His mission, Jesus resists each attempt of Satan to lead Him on a dead end path. Giving in to temptations makes us less than what God wants us to be. There might be an immediate thrill, but it is short lived. The temptations: what a way to begin Lent.

I hope that the Lenten booklet that was given out last week will be a companion for you during this Lenten season. The author is well known for his spiritual insights and has written previous Advent and Lenten booklets. There are other Lenten books in the lobby of the Parish house. It is good to have something to read and think about each day of this important season.

Congratulations to our Catechumens who will become the “elect” as they participate in the Rite of Election at St. Patrick’s Cathedral today. Cardinal Dolan will preside at this ceremony at which all of the catechumens throughout the Archdiocese come together for this important step toward their full participation in the life of the Church. Congratulations and thank you to Joe Nuzzi and the RCIA Team for guiding our catechumens and candidates!

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.