There are several sentences from our readings that each of us might take time to ponder: “Say to those whose hearts are frightened, be strong, fear not. Here is your God”, “Show no partiality”, and “He makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”

These sentences clearly show that God makes a difference both in our world and in our lives. God wants us to live peacefully and we see from the example of Jesus that this is not easy. Jesus encountered both acceptance by many but hostility by many. Our individual relationship with God can help us soften the rough edges of our personalities and help us to be at peace in a world where it is difficult to be at peace. Take time this week and spend some time with these Scriptures. It will be good for you.

There still is time to join our RCIA Program if you are interested in becoming Catholic or are an adult and never received the First Communion or Confirmation. Contact Joe Nuzzi ( for an interview.

Finally, more reports have come out regarding Archbishop Viganò and facts that he neglected to mention in his report. It is sad that he came forth at this time to discredit Pope Francis. It has been said that all of this came about because he was never given the “red hat”; that is, he was never named a Cardinal. Unfortunately, these things do happen in our church. They need to be dealt with. We have to remember that like Jesus, we are here “not to be served but to serve.”

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M