On this First Sunday of Lent we are presented with the temptations of Jesus in the desert. We all know that Jesus wasn’t the only person to be tempted; we face temptations every day of our lives. They come at different times and in different forms. Many times they may appear to be “short cuts” and we can achieve a goal by taking some steps that might not be exactly moral or ethical, but they get us where we want to go. Other times temptations present an untruth as a real option. Or, we may look better if we act this way rather than another way. When we sit and consider seriously the consequences of giving in to a temptation, we know that in the long run, it affects our conscience and our way of handling ourselves and being responsible to ourselves… and to God!

So, what are you doing to make Lent a growth filled time in your life? Are you giving up something or are you taking on something this Lent? Remember, begin now; don’t wait until tomorrow or next week…or never.

Congratulations to our catechumens who are now “The Elect” after being enrolled in the Book of the Elect at the Cathedral of St. Patrick before Cardinal Dolan today. Please keep them in your prayers as they move through Lent in preparation for their baptism, confirmation and reception of holy communion at the Easter Vigil.

-Fr. Andrew Reitz, O.F.M.