Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Francis Church,

May the Lord give you peace.

I thank everyone who joined us for the All Souls’ Memorial on November 2nd. It was good to have so many people present in person and on our live stream. We had many pictures of loved ones and were able to pray in gratitude for their lives with us. (Click HERE if you would like to see the video of the liturgy)

This has been quite a week. As I write, we are still awaiting the results of the national election. The record number of voters is a great sign of the participation in the democratic process. The uncertainty is painful. Many are particularly struggling at this time. It is important to support one another and support the process so that everyone’s vote is counted. Click HERE for link to a post-election prayer from the Education for Justice. I heartily recommend this site to you. It offers good content, prayers, and reflection on current issues through the lens of faith. Please pray for our nation and the people who are struggling with whatever the election results may be. We are a people of hope and support. Our Franciscan charism calls us to be attentive as sisters and brothers together in the journey of grace in God’s ever-present love. Unlike the “wise” virgins in this Sunday’s parable, we continue to share our gifts. We know that in God, there will always be enough of the oil of love, compassion, generosity, wisdom, and courage to nurture us on our way. We do not close doors; we create bridges that link us as sons and daughters of God-as sisters and brothers of Jesus.

Please join us on November 21st for a healing mass for all affected by suicide. We invite survivors, all who keep memory of someone who died of suicide, all who struggle with thoughts of suicide, all who worry about a friend or loved one, as well as anyone who wishes to participate. We will live stream the service. If you cannot join, please pray. The American Federation for Suicide Awareness and Prevention designates the Saturday before Thanksgiving as a day of prayer and awareness. They sponsor walks to raise funds for their work. Over the years, I have participated in 8 of the Over Night Walks, two here in the city.

On another note, we are looking to develop new opportunities for us to gather and pray. We will offer some sessions via Zoom as we enter into Advent. The Zoom forum allows us to come together from the safety of our homes, to share our faith, and to build our community. More information will follow in the next few weeks. My experience with Zoom has been good. I have seen people who saw each other at mass regularly but rarely had time to do more than greet each other begin to share their stories of life and faith.

Finally, I must admit that with the pandemic, we need of your financial support. I ask you to consider our online giving. If your means allow, please increase your regular contribution to the life of the Church. Thank you for all that you do for St. Francis of Assisi Church.

Peace and all good,
Fr. Tom, ofm